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Sunday, 19 October 2008 18:17

Here are a few FAQs that you'll probably be wondering about with Versatility IV General Features

  • The logo can be switched to the icon module position with a simple change in the index.php configuration.
  • RokNewsRotator is a module which dynamically loads images (with captions) and rotators them (depending on configuration).


What is the RokSlide Feature?
You will observe that the modular positions, User11 through User 19 are contained within what appears to be RokSlide. In Versatility IV, the RokSlide effect/functionality has been integrated directly into the template, providing a sleek stylish approach for extra modules, allowing you to created tabbed modules and tabbed module groups.

How do I setup the RokSlide Feature?
You will want to read the demo tutorial located at Custom Modules - The tutorial covers what the settings the module has and how to configure/use it.

Demo Content

For information on setting up the content in the Demo, please visit the Demo Content Tutorial page


What is the RokNewsRotator Module?
This module is also on the features pages but is located in the rotator position. You simple assign it to a category and it will rotate through the content items for you.

How do I setup the RokNewsRotator Module?
You will want to read the demo tutorial located at Custom Modules - The tutorial covers what the settings the module has and how to configure/use it.

Module Positions

How many Module Positions?
Versatility IV has 45 module positions which are viewable at either or all of the following:-

Note that not all are visible on the second 2 links. This is because 2 modules appear under condition. In the template, the Logo can be turned directly into a position by a toggle. The 2nd hidden one is toolbar which appears when the other menu options are disabled.

How do I enable the hidden positions?
You can enable/disable these positions in the index.php configuration (if you are using Joomla 1.0) or in the Joomla Template Manager (if you are using Joomla 1.5). For information, see the following:-

The top menu is the exception which becomes active when a module is assigned to it.
How do I setup the Bottom menu
For the bottom menu, you will need t use the following settings in Admin -> Modules -> Site Modules -> Other Menu :-

  • Position: bottom
  • Menu Class Suffix: -bottom
  • Menu Style: Flat List
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