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Saturday, 25 October 2008 18:57

Versatility IV has been designed with menu structure in mind. It exhibits 4 difference and distinct menu styles that are configurable. You can dramatically change the appearance of your entire website with just a menustyle switch. The menu styling is replicated in the splitmenu and the mainmenu (to a lesser extent) to create a consistent style.

Template Overview

Versatility 4 Flexibility

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You can designate which menu style you want to use on your site with a single control in the template's index.php file which is editable via the Joomla Administrator as well as in an external text editor.

  • MenuStyle1 - a rectangular based menu style, using pronounced glossy bars for the menu elements

  • MenuStyle2 - a rectangular based menu style, with a glossy first level, following by a more subtle, block colour bar and active tab item

  • MenuStyle3 - a rounded, tabbed based menu style, place upon the glossy menu bar

  • MenuStyle4 - a more traditional style, utilising subtle triangular indicators


The configuration option found in the the template manager edit section:-

Below are screenshots of the various submenu styling for 3rd (and subsequent) levels in the Splitmenu menu option. As you can observe, there is a module-hilite type styling for fourth level items. You can see a live example by selecting the various Example Sublevel menu items in the right column if you are viewing in splitmenu.

MenuStyle1 MenuStyle2 MenuStyle3 MenuStyle4
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