Best Webdesign Software Tools

Designing the layout and flow of websites is a complex task, and takes time. Web designing tools, thus, make the job a whole lot easier along with saving a lot of time. As such, the best web designing tools offer either a coding platform or a drag-and-drop interface to simplify designing complex websites. 

However, a single software will not solve all your problems here. Every web designing tool has a different function and purpose, so there is no one solution that can manage all the websites, graphics, interfaces, and prototyping. It is better to try out different software and use multiple of them to increase productivity and efficiency in design. 

Best Web Designing Softwares In 2021

Whether you are new to the designing world, a seasoned designer, or simply curious, this list will help you gain an insight into the best software that makes web designing a whole lot simpler. 

Best Webdesign Software Tools


So here is a list of the best web designing software in 2021:

  • WordPress

Free and paid

Starts at Rs. 160 per month

WordPress is renowned for simplicity and ease of use to build websites, especially content-based sites. Of course, it started out as a blogging platform and soon grew into the top choice for its flexible and simple interface. You can host a personal site at, but for more complex websites, you may need a self-hosted WordPress site. WordPress provides predesigned themes and versatile tools for customizing web pages. 

  • Dreamweaver

Free and paid

Starts at Rs. 1675/- per month

Dreamweaver is also a website-building tool, but it differs from WordPress when it comes to the creative part. Dreamweaver helps you to code, edit snd maintain websites seamlessly with a lot of programming flexibility. 

The tool goes a step ahead in providing an option for manual coding as well as through an intuitive interface. The thing that makes Dreamweaver stand out is that any code changes you make will be displayed in real-time on the interface with more options like click-to-edit codes visually.

  • Figma

Free and paid

Starts at Rs. 877/- per editor/month

Figma has emerged as one of the most efficient designing tools, even though launched recently. Figma is primarily for designing interfaces and prototyping and a surfeit of features. It has a vector-based interface which makes designing on it simple with every option you need to be displayed on either side of the dashboard. Additionally, Figma is also a collaborative tool, where multiple people can access or even edit designs together and leave comments. 

  • Adobe XD

Paid with a 7-day free trial

Starts at Rs. 798/- per month

Adobe’s second tool on the list after Dreamweaver, XD is another interface and prototyping tool that was also released recently like Figma. XD is a vector-based tool that also supports prototyping animations and supports editing files from Sketch. This makes it easy for Windows users to collaborate with Sketch designers. 

  • Canva

Free and paid

Starts at Rs. 3999/- per annum

Canva is a cloud-based graphic designing tool which easy-to-understand and simple to use. Canva primarily provides pre-loaded templates for flyers, business cards, and social media posts. Canva has thousands of images and designs which you can manage with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It also supports collaboration with other members to edit and review designs. The tool is absolutely free to use, though it has 2 paid versions that allow exporting transparent PNG files and resizing graphics with a single click. 

  • Adobe Photoshop


Costs Rs. 1675/-

Adobe’s third product on the list, photoshop has been a popular platform for graphic designers for more than a decade. It has the ability to edit photos, interface designs, video editing, and much more. Though a bit complex to learn at first, Photoshop offers flexibility like no other designing tool. These were some of the best web designing tools in 2021 that offer distinct features to fulfill different tasks. These tools will help you to increase productivity and creativity with loads of features and options. However, there are much more software omitted from this list that is worth trying. It is advisable to try as many designing tools as you can before deciding which one suits your needs the most.

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